Undertow Comedy Festival

April 26, 27, 28

My West Coast Buds presents:

Live Podcast Recording: Bar Room Blunders

  • Location: Black Squid Beer House
  • Saturday, 4/24/18 4:00 pm - 4/24/18 5:00 pm

Host: Ben Ferguson

Host: Joe Dimeo

Welcome to My West Coast Buds! A podcast about all of our favorite things: Weed, Stand-Up Comedy, Coffee, and Spirits. A loose hang with a few friends who are experts in these industries. Our guests and us have found a way to make a living doing what we love! So really this show is about having passion for something, going after it, and sharing it with you, our new “Bud”, the listener.

Yes, there will be a lot of cannabis industry specific information peppered into My West Coast Buds. You will definitely pick up some useful advice about the industry, but it is our goal to find that fine line between too dry and informational, and too stone-y to take seriously.

In our mind, all of these industries have a bit of a kindred spirit between them. I want to introduce my listeners to an eclectic group of people who chose a slightly different path from the norm. The good folks that are in these fields have a lot of love for what they do, and honestly they are the people we want to hang out with and we know you will too! This show will educate you on all your “guilty” or “not guilty” pleasures while showing you the funny side of it all. So pour yourself a cup of coffee, maybe put whatever your spirit of choice is in it, take a hit, relax and let us make you laugh.

This special live recording of episode: Bar Room Blunders features funny bartenders talking about even funnier blunders.


Tickets for individual shows are available at the door for each show. Please stop by the Info Booth at Black Squid for exclusive discounts!

No reservation required!

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