Undertow Comedy Festival

April 26, 27, 28

Wendy Weiss

Wendy Weiss is a Portland columnist, storyteller and comic that has performed hosted and produced many shows all over Portland. Weiss is the former host and producer of “Comic Strip”, “Who's Metal AF”, and “Flyass Jokes”. Her writing has been featured in “The Hard Times” and Exotic Magazine (which features her advice column “Bad Advice” with Wendy Weiss). She has been the subject of articles in the Portland Mercury, Willamette Week and The Outlook. Weiss has won Barfly's Funniest Comic award the last two years in a row. Weiss has opened shows for Baron Vaughn, Hari Kondabolu, has been on All Jane Comedy Festival with Maria Bamford, Big Pine Comedy Festival, Beast Village, Big Pine Comedy Festival and Mutiny Radio Comedy Festival. Wendy’s sometimes dry (and unapologetically feminist) comedy features insights on sex work, abortion, plastic surgery and cats.

Undertow Comedy Festival performances:

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